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Slow DNS requests in Linux

So, I have finally nailed it. It seems that my last post regarding this topic was only a partial solution and in some cases didn’t solve the problem of IPv6 DNS requests at all. It seems that for example OpenSSH … Continue reading

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Streaming YouTube music videos as MP3 with Python

I’ve been talking with my friend about the idea of standalone YouTube music player in Linux, since we are using YouTube to listen to music very often. There is great wealth of good quality tunes published there and easy access … Continue reading

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Slow connection requests under Linux

Hello again. Few posts before I have talked about slow web requests in Firefox running in Linux, namely Mandriva 2010.1. Just to remind what the issue was in short. Firefox when  making connection, staled for few seconds when performing DNS … Continue reading

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SQLAlchemy QueuePool exhaustion problem

Welcome back. Today I wanted to share with you some thoughts about the problem with SQLAlchemy used in conjunction with Pylons framework based application that has been getting on my nerves for some time. However, before I’ll talk about it … Continue reading

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Slow mail sending through Postfix server problem and solution

Hello. Today I wanted to tell you something about a problem I have recently encountered with Postfix mail server when sending mails through it. I have a mail server running on virtual machine on my company’s quite powerful server. It … Continue reading

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Avoiding tracking and profiling on the Web

Today I wanted to share something about a topic that is really important for people concerned about privacy just like me. As many of you may certainly know, the Internet is crawling with advertisements. Advertising companies are using many advanced … Continue reading

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Python RSVG not found under Mandriva

Just another quick comment with solution to problems with rendering SVG vector images under Python in Mandriva 2010.1. I was testing Python Cairo (PyCairo) and Python wrapper around RSVG library, trying to render SVG image using PyGame surface. It seemed … Continue reading

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Slow web requests in Firefox under Linux

For some time now I’ve been wondering why each and every request to websites in Firefox is so slow. Pages opened with few seconds delay. I didn’t have time to check thoroughly what causes web page open requests from Firefox … Continue reading

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Grown up boy with his toys

I’ve just finished my work for today. For the first time since I can’t remember when it was truly productive and inspirational day. I had time for research, time for administrative work and fiddling with my hardware. But let’s start … Continue reading

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Back To The Future… ;)

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