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Python, Rabbyt and GTK GLExt

It’s been a while since I wrote something actually useful to anybody here. I’ve decided to take down my personal posts, they are of no interest to anyone except me. Life sometimes sucks for me big time, but I’m moving … Continue reading

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Coding, Galaxy Lords and MOO2 Graphics Viewer

Recently I’ve been doing some pretty hard coding. As you may have already seen in the previous post I’m currently the developer of social-networking site for relatively young company. This is my primary project currently, one that I do for … Continue reading

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Writing engine for Galaxy Lords

Hello everybody. I’m back from my holidays and almost instantaneously went back to coding. As you may know from my last post I’ve began coding simple 4X game with a working title Galaxy Lords. I just wanted to tell you … Continue reading

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Quickie status update

Welcome again. Almost two months without any update, you should all blame me. Unfortunately I’ve been busy coding, writing, struggling with clients, work and everyday crap we all know too good about. I know I promised describing MOO2 graphics formats, … Continue reading

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