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Linux users and groups in PostgreSQL database

Standard Linux user and group accounts are defined in three files: /etc/passwd /etc/shadow /etc/group These files store user accounts and group information one per line, as fields separated by “:”. That kind of structure suffices for most user and group … Continue reading

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256 color terminal in Konsole running under Mageia

I have stumbled upon a problem with Konsole being incapable of showing 256 colors. The Linux distribution I have experienced this particular problem is Mageia. It turns out that you have to do two things. First, make sure you have … Continue reading

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Python GUI in Linux frame buffer

I was recently wondering about how can I display some graphics in Linux frame buffer with Python. It seems that if your text terminal is initialized in frame buffer mode (most of modern distributions do this), what you need is … Continue reading

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PocketSpinx voice recognition with GStreamer and Mandriva

I’ve recently bumped upon an open source speech recognition software for Linux based on the CMU Sphinx project called PocketSphinx. Unfortunately standard Mandriva repositories doesn’t have this PocketSphinx library in the 64 bit arch version. So I’ve downloaded SphinxBase and … Continue reading

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Streaming YouTube music videos as MP3 with Python

I’ve been talking with my friend about the idea of standalone YouTube music player in Linux, since we are using YouTube to listen to music very often. There is great wealth of good quality tunes published there and easy access … Continue reading

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Slow connection requests under Linux

Hello again. Few posts before I have talked about slow web requests in Firefox running in Linux, namely Mandriva 2010.1. Just to remind what the issue was in short. Firefox when  making connection, staled for few seconds when performing DNS … Continue reading

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Slow mail sending through Postfix server problem and solution

Hello. Today I wanted to tell you something about a problem I have recently encountered with Postfix mail server when sending mails through it. I have a mail server running on virtual machine on my company’s quite powerful server. It … Continue reading

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Python RSVG not found under Mandriva

Just another quick comment with solution to problems with rendering SVG vector images under Python in Mandriva 2010.1. I was testing Python Cairo (PyCairo) and Python wrapper around RSVG library, trying to render SVG image using PyGame surface. It seemed … Continue reading

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Slow web requests in Firefox under Linux

For some time now I’ve been wondering why each and every request to websites in Firefox is so slow. Pages opened with few seconds delay. I didn’t have time to check thoroughly what causes web page open requests from Firefox … Continue reading

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