PocketSpinx voice recognition with GStreamer and Mandriva

I’ve recently bumped upon an open source speech recognition software for Linux based on the CMU Sphinx project called PocketSphinx. Unfortunately standard Mandriva repositories doesn’t have this PocketSphinx library in the 64 bit arch version. So I’ve downloaded SphinxBase and PocketSphinx and compiled them myself, by the usual means of ./configure –prefix=/usr –libdir=/usr/lib64 && make && make install

It all went well, except for the little fact I have noticed when trying to use some examples on how to use PocketSphinx from Python (yes, there are bindings for it). Unfortunately, the compilation omitted GStreamer plugin for PocketSphinx which was needed. I’ve figured out that you have to install from URPMI:
urpmi lib64gstreamer-plugins-base0.10-devel
and then recompile PocketSphinx (remember to do “make clean” first, or else nothing will change after reconfiguring). The plugin compiled successfully and I can now use PocketSphinx from Python.

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One Response to PocketSpinx voice recognition with GStreamer and Mandriva

  1. Windigo says:

    Frickin’ sweet – I was running into this very same problem, and this did the trick.

    I’m running Debian Wheezy, though, so the library I had to install was “libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-dev” – just a heads up for anybody else who finds this via search.

    Thanks again! 😀

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