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Streaming YouTube music videos as MP3 with Python

I’ve been talking with my friend about the idea of standalone YouTube music player in Linux, since we are using YouTube to listen to music very often. There is great wealth of good quality tunes published there and easy access … Continue reading

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SQLAlchemy QueuePool exhaustion problem

Welcome back. Today I wanted to share with you some thoughts about the problem with SQLAlchemy used in conjunction with Pylons framework based application that has been getting on my nerves for some time. However, before I’ll talk about it … Continue reading

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Python RSVG not found under Mandriva

Just another quick comment with solution to problems with rendering SVG vector images under Python in Mandriva 2010.1. I was testing Python Cairo (PyCairo) and Python wrapper around RSVG library, trying to render SVG image using PyGame surface. It seemed … Continue reading

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Adding object class method in Python at run-time

Just a quick note about Python. I’ve recently tried to find answer for adding methods dynamically to Python objects created at run-time. I’ve seen solutions that use import new and then new.instancemethod, but it seems this module is deprecated and … Continue reading

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Rabbyt and GTK GLExt example

To clarify my previous post a little I have made a simple example on how to use Rabbyt library with GTK GL Extension. Hope this helps. Cheers all… # /usr/bin/env python # # Rabbyt GTK GLext test # __author__ = … Continue reading

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Python, Rabbyt and GTK GLExt

It’s been a while since I wrote something actually useful to anybody here. I’ve decided to take down my personal posts, they are of no interest to anyone except me. Life sometimes sucks for me big time, but I’m moving … Continue reading

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